Woolen tablecloth Kurdish tablecloth design North Khorasan - Persian Handmade Rug And Carpet Sale

Woolen tablecloth Kurdish tablecloth design North Khorasan

Woolen tablecloth wool Kurdish tablecloth design North Khorasan
50 * 60 dimensions
Weight about 300 grams
All wool

Turkmen handmade carpet is derived from the lifestyle, beliefs and environment of that people, which in historical evolution has often undergone changes with the preservation of originality and has become the current form. Handmade carpet, which is one of the original arts of this people with raw materials Available, the most important of which are wool, cotton and silk are woven by Turkmen women artists, and its design and role are taken from the culture of this people, which is often woven mentally and without a pattern, and has a very high quality texture and durability. All kinds of woolen and silk handmade carpets are produced by using new designs and based on customers’ orders in various and desired designs. (Tablecloth)

The art of handmade carpets in Iran dates back to the high and tumultuous history of this region.
Art taken from the beautiful nature and various animals of this land and water, which has led to the formation of unique and beautiful designs and patterns by villagers and nomads.

Buying and selling Iranian handmade carpets is one of the most important non-oil export items in the country; But carpet trading in Iran is still done traditionally through local and indigenous merchants and traders and is traded at exorbitant prices in domestic and foreign markets.
But in this dynamic and lucrative cycle, the share of weavers and artists is very small, which causes frustration and discouragement of weavers, which in turn causes them to leave the production cycle.

The story of the formation of Daramon begins from this point, when a person who loves the art of Iranian carpet weaving and the concern of the weavers and their dynamic and effective presence in the durability and stability of this art is his concern, decides to enter this field and His many years of experience in this field has entered this field with the intention of making an impact and unquestionable effectiveness and helping to grow and update the sale and purchase of handmade carpets in the electronic space.

Daramon, with the help of an experienced and interested team in this art, hopes to be a pioneer in this way with the support of the lovers of this art and the increasing efforts of the day;
Daramoun believes that by putting honesty, perseverance and professional principles at the forefront, it will provide a safe environment for buyers and sellers of handmade carpets and will achieve a worthy position in the handmade carpet market of Iran and the world.


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