Have you ever heard of Double sided silk carpet?

Handmade carpet is one of the most important handicrafts in Iran and different Iranian tribes in the corners of the land of art are engaged in the production of handmade carpets. Among these, Turkmen silk double carpet is one of the best carpets in Iran, which is in Jargalan region North Khorasan is woven.

Doydokh village in North Khorasan,Iran

Double sided silk carpet is one of the creative handicrafts of the people of this village, which has reached world fame and has made this village known as the capital of Double sided silk carpet in the world.

Although this type of handmade carpet has been nationally registered and is in the process of being registered in UNESCO, it is still unknown to most people in the world; This unique art of the people of this village annually attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the world to the party of its mesmerizing role and color.

The hand-woven double sided silk carpet caresses the soul of every viewer with its beauty and delicacy, and man, subconsciously, opens his mouth to admire the weaving art of this region, which is adorned with patterns and motifs taken from the nature and local customs of these people.

Double sided carpet
Double sided carpet

The raw materials of this carpet:

The raw materials of this carpet are obtained from the pristine nature of the region by growing silkworms and preparing silk threads and threads from the produced cocoons and are dyed with natural colors obtained from plant and mineral materials; Since this type of handmade carpet is double sided, its hanger must be standing so that two weavers can weave on both sides at the same time. In double sided silk carpet, each side has a different design and role; If original Turkmen designs are used, it is woven mentally, and if it is a customer custom design, it is woven from the desired design.

This type of Turkmen hand-woven carpet is often woven by the women and girls of this village with a baby tied on its back or next to a children’s cradle, so that the sound of banging like a lullaby puts them to sleep in velvet full of colorful flowers and maybe like a carpet. Solomon rides on that childish journey in their dreams; This is how the art of carpet weaving penetrates the flesh and skin of their children, just as living with a thoroughbred Turkmen horse has left a lasting impression on the children of the Turkmen.

Silk carpet
Silk carpet


For weaving a double sided rug, two different patterns with equal number of knots are used. If two weavers start weaving the rug at the same time, one weaves the front pattern and the other weaves the back pattern at the same time. The weaver goes and weaves the pattern on the back of the rug, and after a row of weaving, a thin fabric, which in the local term is called Arqach, is passed through the middle of the threads below and above the weft.

Double sided silk carpet at the beginning and end of the texture has sofas with beautiful traditional patterns, most of which are woven in the form of kilim weaving and gives a special beauty to this type of carpet;

Double sided  silk carpet has become world famous in recent years and has become one of the unique and luxurious handicraft products of Iran.

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