Handmade oriental carpets originate from many different regions where carpets have been produced for centuries. The number of knotted carpets places of origin is as diverse as the variety of carpets. Here you find the most different categories, which usually differ considerably from each other in terms of origin, design and method of knotting. Let yourself be inspired by the art and beauty of the individual carpets.

Singer Sargent, an American painter, talks about the value of Iranian carpets:

Not all Renaissance paintings are worth an exquisite Iranian rug.”



Traditional Persian carpets are highly popular and well known. It is no wonder, and certainly no secret, that this is due to their Genuine beauty. The persian hand-knotting, natural colours and fine woolen yarns are characteristics of the valuable Persian rugs, which have been produced in Persia (today: Iran) for centuries. In the persian patterns and designs, they are back in demand to bring warmth and cosiness to your own home. Moreover, Persian carpets represent a sustainable luxury.

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A beautiful rug made of wool creates a calm and cosy atmosphere in every home. We at DARAMOON offer high-quality oriental rugs matching your style of living. Our rugs are the right to furnishings according to the latest trends.
Oriental design is not limited to classic rugs and runners anymore. The decorative carpets can also be processed into the most beautiful modern patterns. Let your new rug be a beautiful handmade persian carpet.


If you are looking for exclusive and modern Rugs, then a designer carpet is just perfect for you. These individually designed, hand-knotted rugs give your room its very own character. Depending on the carpet type, these unique items were designed by designers from Iranian(custom carpets).


Nomads of the Orient, specially iranian Nomads, started making carpets by hand for their own use a long times ago. Their carpets was intended for various purposes in the everyday life of the nomads. For example as a tent underlay, saddlebags or blankets. Nowadays, production of these carpets often takes place in villages where the nomads settled. The quality of the nomad carpets has remained very high and they continue to be knotted by hand in the old tradition over a period of months.